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How to Have a Super Sunday with Your Playoff Pup

Originally posted Thursday, February 4, 2016

Super Bowl 50 has gone to the dogs -- literally. With viewers drooling for the latest commercials, advertisers are banking on your best friend’s aww-inducing factor. This year’s creative commercials feature dogs dreaming of Doritos, Dachshunds dressed up as hot dogs and more.

But you may want to consider some safety tips for Fido to keep things running smoothly on game day.

Just Say No

The ASPCA recommends keeping booze away from pets. Keep those cocktails up high and out of thirsty dogs’ reach -- even just a sip could cause your furry friend to become weak or sick.

Salty Snacks

Keep chips, dips and nibbles away from little nibblers. Vets caution too much salt can lead to overly thirsty pups and even sodium poisoning. Many dips contain onion -- a big no-no for dogs, as the pungent spices can destroy red blood cells, resulting in anemia.

Chicken wings are especially bad, as the bones can be a choking hazard or obstruct tiny tummies.

Not So Sweet Treats

You probably already know chocolate can be deadly to dogs, but the ASPCA advises to watch out for things sweetened with xylitol as well.

Quiet Time

Having people over can be stressful for you and your dog! You may want to have a “safe” place for pets to retreat, such as a bedroom or crate. Too many new faces can be overwhelming.

But that doesn’t mean your four-legged friend can’t have some fun!

Delightful Dog is open Sunday from 1pm - 6pm. Consider bringing Fido for day camp, or even a sleepover!

While you enjoy all the gametime antics, commercials and snacks, your delightful dog will be well taken care of and happy here with us. And if it’s going to be a late evening, consider letting your precious pup spend the night.

Call us at 678-273-3700


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