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Meet our Guest Trainers

Donna Elliott

By now, you probably all know Melony and Ann - and if you don't, please stop by for a tour and get some information about training classes!

We are thrilled to announce we are partnering with some exciting guest trainers this spring. Please help us welcome Donna Elliott, Joyce Hagan & Aly Lecznar. All of our trainers employ positive methods, meaning we do not use force, fear, pain, or intimidation to "make" the dog/s do what we want.

Our training class schedule has just been released for early 2017. We are offering more options for class times starting this February.

We will be also offering a couple of new options in the curriculum.

We are re-introducing classes for puppies (under 16 weeks of age).

Joyce Hagan

Aly Lecznar

Please click on the Guest Trainers tab on our website to learn more about Donna, Joyce & Aly!

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